An Enchanting DIY Succulent Fairy Garden For Your Yard

We still believe in magic, fairies and pixie dust at our house. And my daughter decided that we needed to make our yard a bit more inviting to the fairies who are migrating back for the warmer weather. Our DIY fairy garden didn’t require much by way of materials. All it took was a little […]

DIY for Home

This DIY 3D Photo Frame Has Major Flower Power

There are two items I love inside my house at all times, flowers and photographs. They make me happy, and lift my spirits. It’s not always feasible since fresh flowers don’t live forever (and cost a lot of money); however, photographs do live forever, so I found a way to bring them together in a […]

DIY Crafts for Mom

A DIY Unicorn Letter For Magical Room Decor

If you have a daughter like mine, you know her young world revolves around rainbows and unicorns. They are are trending all over the internet, and in our local stores. The mythical, powerful and magical creatures have found their way into little girls hearts and minds everywhere. In fact, they made their way into more […]


Welcome Spring With A DIY Flower Garland With Lights

Spring is officially here and the warmer weather is on the horizon! One way to celebrate an end to snowstorms, wind chill, and sub-zero temps is with a DIY flower garland with twinkle lights. And the nice thing about incorporating twinkle lights is that they can be repurposed from your Christmas tree. Whether hung over an […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

Bunny-Approved DIY Thumbprint Easter Eggs

This DIY Easter craft is so egg-tastic; not just because it’s adorable, but also because it’s so simple. Our kids’ fingerprints are little for only so long, so it’s fun to capture their tiny imprints on just about anything. Easter eggs are no exception. With a little imagination (and Sharpie doodling), the fingerprints can become […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

This DIY Rainbow Soap Will Get You Pumped For Spring

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to keep the kids busy with winter crafts. And despite the weather, I’m really ready for spring, which means it’s time to celebrate sunshine, flowers, rain and rainbows again. This DIY rainbow soap was inspired by spring (and of course, St. Patrick’s Day, too). Not only does this […]


Feel The Luck Of the Irish With These DIY Clay Clover Charms

It’s that lucky time of year where everyone is a wee bit Irish. We celebrate all things Irish on St. Patrick’s Day with green accessories, rainbow fruit trays and cocktails (adults only) in the evening. This year, we’re spreading the luck of the Irish with DIY air dry DIY clay lucky charms. They are so […]