We're all about race cars around here and that presented the perfect opportunity to tie it in to my boys' birthday party. 

This pennant banner is so versatile and can be used with any fabric you choose.  Use it on market umbrellas, or drape across the dessert table.


  • For a 10' long pennant banner
  • 1 yard fabric (42" wide)
  • Pennant Banner
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Sewing Machine and basic supplies


Lay your material out as it comes off the bolt with selvedge edges lining up on the bottom, wrong sides together

Take the selvedge edge up to meet the folded edge, so know you have 4 layers of fabric to cut through.  Make sure the fabric is laying flat and is squared up

Place the pattern as close to the edge as possible, making sure the banner is covering all the fabric and make the cuts on all 3 sides of the pennant

Place the pattern upside down and match the freshly cut edge and make the cuts on the 2 exposed sides.  Continue with the rest of the yardage

Separate the cut pennants and pin two together.  So, each cut you will get two pennants, wrong sides together

You should end up with 16 pennants

Place the first pennant in your sewing machine and sew a straight stitch all the way across the top, keeping about a 1/4 seam allowance

Once you get to the end of the first pennant, slide the second one right behind and continue to sew, chain-stitch style.  No need to backstitch or cut threads.

Hang for your favorite birthday boy or girl!