Jessica Alba, short black dress, strapless dress, red carpet, black strappy heels, earrings

Jessica Alba is more confident in her body since giving birth.

The celebrity mom shares how her body has changed since having her daughter, Honor Marie, two years ago: "My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it!"

Jessica says she will not resort to plastic surgery in an attempt to remain looking young: "I hate the idea of trying to freeze time. I believe in growing old as nature intended and, if the movie roles dry up as a result, then so be it."

Even though she's confident in her body, she still has insecurities: "Every actress out there is more beautiful than me, all better looking than me. I’ve seen them without makeup, so I know.”

We'll just have to agree to disagree on that one, Jessica.

Jessica Alba, gray coat, print scarf, chanel bag, Honor Marie