‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’ star Zac Efron talks romance, technology, and what project of his is at the top of his mom’s list.

Zac lends his voice to the character of Ted, a typical preteen boy who wants to impress the girl he’s (not so secretly) crushing on (Audrey, voiced by Taylor Swift). Zac chatted with us about his first kiss, how he tries to be environmentally-aware, and which actor he’d like to work with (again).

Do you remember your first love?

“I remember all of them, sort of. Which one is your first real one? It was like three days ago. No.

Yes, I definitely do, yes. I remember a truth or dare kiss in the tree fort days.”

Have you ever done anything for a girl in order to win her over such as, a big grand gesture?

“I think if I do anything, I’m musically oriented and stuff like that, so I like to write songs or something like that, something that comes from the heart. I like to paint and do stuff like that because then it’s personal.

My mom really likes it when we write her. Honestly, I don’t care what you get my mom, she doesn’t care about the present. But, the card is huge to her and it’s so nice. So, we try and put all of our love into it and tell her how much we love her into a card, and that’s the only thing she ends up keeping. I mean, usually, everything else doesn’t matter.”

Does your mom have a favorite role of yours?

“Yes, she liked it when I played Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown in eighth grade. that’s the one.”

How big of a role does technology play in your life?

“I’m just not as much into technology as I used to be. I like my iPod and my iPhone I keep around. That’s about it. I don’t use the internet that much unless I’m researching something.”

Is there someone that you want to work that you haven’t so far?

“Someone that I really want to work with – man, everyone. Yes. I want to work again with Travolta [John Travolta]. Man, I feel like I never really got as much time to talk to him as I would have loved to on ‘Hairspray’. There’s a lot I could learn from that guy.”

On trying his best to be ‘green’:

“I try and do as much as I can, but I find myself still being too wasteful. But, it’s those little things. I mean, plastic bottles are so convenient, and they’re just the dumbest inventions in the world. But, the more I learn, the more I try and do my part. Being in a film like this is one way I feel like I can contribute and plant a few seeds out there. “

Is working alone in a studio doing voice work difficult?

“I think the hardest part about it, and it’s just like anything else, is you’ve just got to let go. You’ve got to be free.

And the first two days I did it, you’re self conscious. There’s a camera in your face. You know you look like an idiot. You’re saying ridiculous lines and making big hand gestures. Someone’s going to see this footage.

Once you let go and commit and just be free and have fun, that’s when the real spontaneity and improvisation comes out, and it just turns into one of the most fun things in the world. So, just letting go, forget where you are.”

If The Lorax were turned into a stage production, would you do it? Like the Lion King from film to stage, would you do it?

“I don’t think so, if Danny [DeVito] did it, maybe.”


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