Actress Leslie Bibb shares what it’s like to work on the new hit show ‘GCB’.

In an interview airing this morning, March 14th, Leslie tells Rachael Ray about working with a large ensemble cast – predominantly made up of women. Get a sneak peek at their chat:

Leslie on southern women: “They’re incredibly strong, they’re tenacious and they’re lionesses, but at the same time they like to shove stuff underneath the rug!”

Leslie’s nickname for Kristin Chenoweth: “I call her Snackpack! You can check her in the overhead.”

Leslie couldn’t move back home like her character does: “I would set myself on fire if I had to go home and live with Betty Bibb.”

Leslie chats about the cast: “I love women and I think girls are great. It’s a really safe environment.”

Leslie on her character’s new job at “Boobylicious:” “I am padded within an inch of my life to make me have boobs!”

Are you tuning for ‘GCB’ yet? Did you read the book that it’s based on?