Bulloch Family RanchThere’s no doubt that working and raising a family poses a difficult balancing act for any mom, but at the Bulloch Family Ranch, juggling parenting and paying the bills requires the mega mama-magic of super-skilled mom Julie Bulloch—and her tough, loving, prankster husband Rusty –while taking in and raising more than 25 troubled teenagers over the past several years.

That’s right—25! Tune in to watch the Bullochs make your frenzied, family nightly routines seem serene.

Julie and Rusty are the stars of UP TV’s hit new reality series, Bulloch Family Ranch, which chronicles the lives of this traditional, working-class couple who work to make ends meet while tending to their burgeoning brood. High school sweethearts who have been married for over 30 years and are deeply bonded through love and faith, the Bullochs certainly weren’t afraid of a challenge when they opened their home and their hearts to more than 25 teens in their community who needed help. In addition to raising their two biological adult children Brodie and Amanda, Julie and Rusty have raised their family to be committed to discipline, love, respect and lots of great home cooking!

The values of hard work and committed motherhood are deeply instilled in Julie and her daughter Amanda, who is also a mom of a sweet little girl. Both of these fabulous female role models show us that having it all isn’t a cake walk, but the love they give and receive makes their hard work worth it.

Get to know more about these great moms who go to extraordinary measures for the teens in their community:

Julie BullochJulie Bulloch, the energetic matriarch of the Bulloch Family Ranch, is responsible for making her household run like a well-oiled machine. She pays all the bills, runs household errands, does the banking and still manages to put together a family dinner every night for the entire brood. As if that weren’t enough, Julie is also an entrepreneur who heads up her own company renting out bouncy castles and pony rides for kids’ parties—this provides her family much-needed income and gives her kids a chance to gain work experience and hone a focused work ethic. Julie is a solid support system for her husband Rusty, as these two maintain a uniquely close connection, having been together since high school and sharing a love of God, a belief in diligent hard work, and a hokey sense of humor.


Amanda Bulloch-MasekAmanda Bulloch-Masek, Julie’s daughter, lives just down the road from her parents’ ranch with her husband Steven and her own daughter. Amanda is no stranger to tough times, but she always looks on the bright side. The survivor of an eating disorder, Amanda’s humanitarian spirit again takes center stage, as she helps those afflicted with this illness by working as a massage therapist in a home for children who struggle with food disorders. Growing up on the Bulloch Family Ranch, Amanda learned how to welcome those less fortunate into her life as her siblings, and these compassionate values remain strong within her. Very close to her parents, Amanda is committed to living a caring and altruistic life with her own family.  

Watch this amazing family and share in their joys and their frustrations as they help troubled teens get their lives on the right track. The Bulloch Family Ranch redefines the true meaning of family.