15 Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine's Day TreatsLooking for a sweet treat to whip for your sweet this Valentine's Day? We rounded 15 of the cutest V-Day snacks and recipes that are sure to make your holiday full of sugar and spice. 

Marshmallow Love Bugs

You won't bug your love with these adorable Marshmallow Love Bugs.
via the decorated cookie
Marshmallow Love Bugs

Conversation Heart Cakes

Let your Valentine know exactly how you feel with a Baskin-Robbins' Conversation Heart Ice Cream Cake (in any flavor!), customized with your own personal message.
via Baskin-Robbins
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Conversation Heart Cake

Warm Fuzzy Cake Balls

Got some warm and fuzzy feelings? Make them known with these Warm and Fuzzy Cake Balls!
via Hungry Happenings
Warm Fuzzy CAke Balls

Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Try playing hard-to-get by hiding your heart in these surprise cupcakes.
via Made with Love by Me
Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Heart Egg in a Basket

Let the love shine through in this indulgent breakfast for your special someone.
via jujugoodnews
Heart Egg in a Basket

Heart Shaped Jigglers

Does your love make you quiver? Let him know how you feel with these cute gelatin jigglers.
via The Nikolai Nuthouse
Jello Hearts

Cupcake Rose Bouquet

Anyone can give flowers, but only yours are edible.
via Momtastic
Cupcake Rose Bouquet

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

If your love makes you whoop with delight show him how you feel with these heart-shaped treats.
via Polli Blog
Red Velvelt Whoopie Pies

Valentine's Day Popcorn Balls

This cute pink popcorn balls make the prefect snack to give your sugar on Valentine's Day
via Mom on Time Out
Pink Popcorn Balls

Heart-Shaped Pie Pops

Want to make your gift really pop? Bake all your love into these sweet pie pop to give your guy.
via The Demoiselle
Heart-Shaped Pie Pops

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Does your love hold your heart? So do these pancakes! Share a sweet breakfast this holiday.
via Aunt Jemima
Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Heart-Shaped Rice Treats

Rice treats are super simple to make, but this special version is sure to impress.
via Cooking on the Side
Heart-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Heart Linzer Cookies

This classic treat is a classy way to show your love how special he is.
via Momtastic
Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookies

XO Smores

Want smore treats this Valentine's Day? These spell it all out.
via The Demoiselle
Valentine's Day Smores

Chocolate Heart Raviolis

In this creative sweet version, raviolis become dessert
via Hungry Happenings
Chocolate Raviolis