Weight Training for WomenLet’s put to rest one of the oldest misconceptions associated with women and weight training: if you are female, you will not have to worry about “bulking up” if you hit the weight room.  

Repeatedly, I have heard women say they don’t want to lift weights because they are afraid they will start to look too masculine. Weight training is highly beneficial when effectively added to your workout routine.

Testosterone and Building Muscle

While some women are prone to building muscle faster than others, in general, we cannot become “manly” with excessive muscle tissue because we simply do not possess the DNA to enable it. Women typically do not have enough testosterone to build the same amount of muscle as men. Our body type dictates just how much muscle we stand to gain based on genetic factors, but we can cater a workout to suit our needs and reap the many benefits of pumping iron.

Benefits of Lifting Weights

Weight training not only shapes your body, it helps it burn fuel more efficiently. As you gain muscle mass (this doesn’t mean getting massive!), your internal furnace is actually burning calories at a higher rate than adipose tissue.  More muscle fiber equals more fat burning capability, even when your body is at rest.

Lifting weights aids in building strong bones. Just like muscles, bones become stronger and denser in response to weight training. Strong bones are our best defense against developing osteoporosis later in life.

Pumping iron provides functional strength for routine activities. The stronger you are, the easier it is to carry in groceries from the car, accomplish housework, hip your toddler, wear a growing baby in the sling, or lift kids into the car.

Strength training helps us avoid injury. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, up to two percent each year. From the age of twenty five on, we are rapidly losing muscle fibers and gaining fat if we are not lifting weights to counteract the process.

You will look and feel great by adding weight training to your repertoire. With beautiful muscle definition, you will feel great showing off those toned biceps in a sleeveless shirt. You will feel proud of the muscles you have achieved and it will further inspire you to lift.

Lifting Weights Equals Lean for Life

Unless you are eating copious amounts of protein, taking weight gain formula and excessive supplements, or overloading your muscles to exhaustion, you do not need to worry about becoming “bulky” from lifting weights. If you stick to moderate weight and higher repetitions, you will achieve lean, lovely muscle and attaining this level  of fitness is our best long-term ally in the fight against fat.