It’s every girl’s dream to have her own secret garden. When outdoor space is limited, bring the garden inside for a beautifully themed bedroom.

1. Grey silk draped bed from Marie Claire Maison

2. Garland swing

3. Bird cage lamp from Urban Outfitters

4. Butterfly Blue Cloud from ArtMetal

6. Floral mirrors and wallpaper from Anthropologie

7. Gate headboard from Anthropologie

8. Floral wallpaper from The Haystack Needle

The Secret Garden was my favorite book as a kid and there was nothing more I wanted then to have such a beautiful place to play. Butterflies, birds, and garden gates can all be incorporated into interior decor. Even a swing can be brought inside with the right ceilings and hardware (maybe not a DIY project). Pick an accent wall for floral wallpaper and use drapery over the bed to create a sort of cove. It makes the room feel more intimate and secret. Lowe’s Creative Ideas has an easy how-to for creating a garden basket custom canopy.