Green Is For Girls

Green is commonly thought to be a color for boys, but these room accessories prove otherwise.

  1. Birdie stamp duvet cover from Urban Outfitters
  2. Butterfly mobile from Magical Whimsy's shop on Etsy
  3. Earring holder from Anne Ball's shop on Etsy
  4. Tuxedo ruffle curtain from Urban Outfitters
  5. Apple party pom from Party Pom's shop on Etsy
  6. Damask apple print from Ialbert's shop on Etsy
  7. Green mirror from The Antidote's shop on Etsy

Call it mint, apple, or just stick to green. The color can work for both boys and girlie girls. Paired with white, green looks cool and crisp. Ruffles add softness. If putting together a room for boy and girl twins or just a boy, check out A Touch of Green to get some ideas for the more traditional side of the color.