Tori Spelling is just a few months along with baby #3, but she's already planning for her fourth child!

Tori and Dean McDermott just confirmed last week that they were expecting a third child together and they're already looking to expand again.  "It's funny. We always knew we wanted a big family and we always said we wanted three. But since we got pregnant this time, four keeps popping into my head, and Dean says the same thing."  Dean agrees, although it would be #5 for him, as he is dad to son Jack from his previous marriage.  "When I found out about number three, I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a fourth. It's really funny. It just clicked. We want more!" 

Tori shares that despite having a rough first trimester, she loves being pregnant and isn't craving anything ridiculous:  "I feel okay right now.  I was really, really sick the first three months – morning, noon and night. It was much worse than during my other pregnancies. It was hard. They always say it gets better after the first trimester, and it did. It's getting better. I'm still tired and everything, but I love being pregnant. 

"I eat everything when I'm pregnant. Who cares about carbs when you're pregnant? You're going to get big no matter what. I'm just constantly hungry. I feel like I'm definitely more hungry than the first two pregnancies. I don't have crazy cravings. I haven't eaten anything like dirt or cigarette ashes. You hear about women eating those things or chalk. I've never had any crazy cravings."

Chalk and cigarette ashes? I think that's the first time I've heard those.  Did you have any weird cravings?

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