My boys love their own little chairs and I love that the little chairs look pretty in my house. When it comes to child-sized furniture, there are many ways you can go about things.

First look at where you want to put the chair– will it be in your living room? Playroom? Child's room? Depending on where you want your child's rest spot to be will determine the next step, what color should you pick? I like to coordinate colors in my rooms; not necessarily matchy- matchy but I purposely create a color palate complete with at least 4-6 complimentary colors. That way, when we do add or move around little pieces such as a child's chair, it still looks like it belongs. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Here are some ideas:

1. Reading corner in the child's bedroom– a soft cozy chair will provide your child with a restful place to open a book.

2. Compliment Mom and Dad's chairs– you can easily tie in a child's-sized leather chair, wooden rocking chair or sling back chair to any decor.

3. Playroom– The playroom is usually fair game (unless you have a very specific theme). Have fun and pick a fun seat for your child to play in, play on and relax in (if you're lucky).


Pottery Barn Kids Navy Madras Anywhere Chair $139

Jennifer Delonge Ava Chair $299-$399 


Ikea Agen Children's Armchair $19.99 

P'Kolino Little Reader Race Car $84.99 



Trend Lab Ultra Suede Chair and ottoman $109.99

Target Kids' Leather Wingback Chair $79.99 



Land of Nod Robot Nod Chair $129 

Ikea Poang Children's Armchair $29.99 



Kidcraft Blue Rocking Chair $58.49