Giuliana And Bill Rancic Head To Colorado For Their Son’s Arrival


Bill and Giuliana Rancic are counting down the days until their baby boy arrives.

The E! hostess and her husband are anxiously awaiting the birth of their son, via gestational surrogate. Bill and Giuliana have headed out to Colorado to wait for his entrance into the world. While they wait, they’ll enjoy a little babymoon first. Bill shared: “Waiting for that call any day now!” The couple is hanging out in Vail, Colorado until the big day arrives. “We’re setting up shop in Vail. We’re going to just chill out there until the little guy comes … He could come in 10 days, he could come in two weeks. He’s really going to dictate how long our babymoon is.”

Giuliana and Bill have been eager to become parents and chonicled their often painful journey on their E! reality series.



Photos by WENN