Just a few weeks after sharing her heart-wrenching story of losing her beloved dog, Maggie Rizer has reason to celebrate. Maggie and her husband, Alex Mehran, are expecting their second child together.

Maggie, who is mom to Zander, 11 months, shared the happy news today that she is due at the end of March. She shares that they may not stop with just two babies, “Alex and I always wanted a big family. We want to have as many kids as we can — within reason.”

Maggie says they’re thrilled that the kids will be so close in age, “A made-for-you best friend. We feel incredibly blessed.”

Congrats to the expanding Rizer-Mehran crew!

How close in age are your kids? Did you plan it the way it turned out?  Did you hope for them to be closer together?

Photo by WENN