altWith Halloween coming up next week, it may seem too early to even begin thinking about holiday gift shopping. But if you want to give holiday gifts that are both unique and personal, you’ve gotta get started now.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels like this, but it seems like each year it gets harder and harder to come up with holiday gift ideas that are both unique and personal. So when I came across these amazing Pop Art Style Portraits, they seemed like the perfect solution to overcome my annual holiday gift buying paralysis.

One of the key elements behind finding the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member, is to take the pressure off yourself by getting started early, and beating the holiday rush that leaves us all feeling frazzled and anxiety ridden.

And while I’m not exactly “pro” at accomplishing always being this organized, I recall one year when I made it my personal goal to have all my holiday gift shopping done by the time Thanksgiving arrived, and I can tell you, that was one of my most relaxed and enjoyable holiday seasons ever.

What’s really great about these Pop Art Style Portraits, is that they offer such a wide variety of formats and styles, you’ll be able to easily create a personal portrait for almost everyone on your holiday gift shopping list. To begin creating one of these masterpieces, begin by selecting your favorite personal photos and then play around with which design layout and style appeals to you the most.




I totally fell for the Andy Warhol influenced composition of this brother and sister portrait. I love the way it clearly reads as a personal family portrait, but it’s cool, pop art style, adds contemporary styling to your home as well.




Baby Portraits are something most of us can’t seem to get enough of, but this unique Baby Portrait is clearly different from all the others you might have. So if you’re an Auntie, an Uncle or a Grandparent, you can create and compose one of these adorable baby portraits yourself, to give as the perfect gift that any parent would love to receive.




And what family portrait collection would be complete, without including the family pet? So grab a couple of your favorite photos of Fido, and have some fun composing and creating the perfect pet portrait for yourself or for any of the Pet Lovers on your holiday gift list.

So if you want to insure that you’re feeling calm and relaxed before the holidays arrive, start now, by gathering up your favorite photos, and begin composing and ordering these cool pop art portraits for all of your holiday gifts. And be sure to include yourself in on that list too, because you’re definitely going to want to keep one of these for yourself.