altDoesn’t everyone have at least one problematic wall in their home that’s just screaming for a makeover?  Here’s a cool solution for covering up almost any wall that might be a problem in your home.

So depending on whether it’s old and ugly wallpaper that you want to cover up or if you just want to add some sculptural dimension and depth to a boring wall, these lightweight wall tiles or wall panels might just be your solution.

They’re molded from a material called “bagasse” that is one of the world’s most renewable resources, yet they’re also durable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly too, so you can feel good about using them in almost any application. And any leftover trimmings or scraps can easily be recycled with other paper products, or composted, because of their biodegradable characteristics.

Even the way these tiles are shipped is well thought out, since they “nest” compactly inside each other, so they ship together in low volume sized cartons and can easily be handled by almost any small parcel carrier.


altThese Stitch Wall Flats are the first product that caught my eye, because they’re slightly reminiscent of the old subway tiles, but with an added modern and sculptural look. This style is sold by the box and each box contains 10 tiles that cover approximately 22 square feet.




It’s pretty easy to see why this particular style is called Hive. And this image gives a great example of how cool their products look when painted. And when you add a colored wall behind the tiles, it gives their product an even deeper 3 dimensional look.




altAnd it doesn’t take a genius to understand how the word, Braille, was bestowed on this pattern. Each tile in this pattern measures a square 18 x 18 inches and has ¾ inch of pattern relief depth. I could see this style fitting into almost any room, all the way from a commercial setting, or even for covering a wall in your baby’s new nursery.



So now that you’ve seen just a few of the patterns that are available in these amazing wall tiles, why not take a look around your home and see which one of your walls is ripe for an updated facelift! And you might even decide to make this your own DIY weekend home improvement project.


altAnd since there are so many pattern and texture choices to chose from, if you can’t make up your mind which one you like the best, you can order one of their Wall Flat Samples to help you make your decision. Most styles can be cut or trimmed to fit your specific wall size and many of them can also be painted too, if you want to add some color to them. And if you want to know about how to install them, click here for installation info.