How to Wrap a Present Perfectly: Our Easy Tutorial on Access Hollywood Live

Wrapping and embellishing gifts at the last minute? Frazzled and overwhelmed is the name of the game as we count down the final days to Santa’s arrival. We headed to Access Hollywood Live this week to show Billy Bush and Kit Hoover how to wrap a present like the department stores do it. Then, we showed off a few ways to get your kids involved with wrapping and embellishing gifts. Check out the quick video above (trust us—you’ll be a wrapping pro in no time!) then see below for everything you need to know that was included in the segment!

4 tips on wrapping the perfect gift (these totally make sense if you watch the video!):

  1. Remember the 3/4ths rule. Wrapping paper should come up the sides of your gift 3/4ths of the way. Excess paper on the sides leads to bulky wrap.
  2. Fold over the edges for a crisp, finished look. This includes on the back of the package, and on the sides. 3/4ths of an inch fold is just about perfect.
  3. Use double sided tape. Under your folded edges, use double sided tape so that your gift is sealed securely, but no unsightly tape shows. (Heaven forbid, the tape shows! People, these are SERIOUS problems!) 😉
  4. Pinch all edges with your thumb and pointer finger to create crisp edges. Pinch, pinch, pinch your way to gift wrap perfection!

Get your kids involved with embellishing:

If you use brown Kraft paper wrapping, the possibilities for decorating your packages are endless. As a bonus, Kraft wrapping can be bought at any office supply store; Office Depot sells 1000 feet for $60. Are you comprehending just how many feet of wrapping paper this is??? (At least 1000.) This is a lifetime’s worth of paper, befitting of any holiday or occasion.

To decorate brown Kraft wrapping paper with your kids:

  1. Use craft punches in fun holiday shapes and have your kids punch out shapes on shipping label paper (it’s sticky paper in 8.5″x11″ size, easily found at an office supply store). They’re making their own stickers, and can stick them right onto the Kraft paper wrapping.
  2. Use a pencil eraser and ink pads to create tiny dots. We got this great idea from Cotton and Flax; easy tutorial here.
  3. Use bingo markers in different colors and let your kids stamp away!
  4. Don’t forget the bows! Buy the the uber sparkly ribbon we used from Minted, or get creative by using yarn and garland (so budget friendly!), and more.

Make it even more personal:

  1. Reindeer foot tags. Trace your kids’ feet on construction paper to make adorable reindeers. Our resident craft wizard Linette Gerlach has the full tutorial on Momtastic!
  2. Use candy to embellish gift tags. SUGAR SUGAR, GIMME GIMME! See how to via Simply Sublime, or check out 10 more clever ways to top a gift.
  3. Purchase personalized gift wrap with your family’s photos on it, family recipes, your names, and more. Minted sells the gorgeous, personalized wrapping paper we showcased on the segment above. Check out all of Minted’s personalizable wrapping paper—it’s ahh-dorable!