Boredom Busters-No Special Supplies Required!I'm bored!" Two words that strike fear into the heart of every parent.  Next time you hear them, try one of these simple activities. 

Not only will they get your little one's creative juices flowing, they won't require a special trip to the craft store!

1. Ever heard the old adage to put a fussy baby in water?  Apparently it works with older kids too, as long as it's colorful water like this multi-sensory bath from The Imagination Tree.

2. Breaking out the paper and crayons is a no-brainer when faced with bored kids.  Dandee had the smart idea of prolonging the coloring fun using DIY comic book coloring pages.

3. All of your crayons broken and markers dried out?  Don't panic, improvise and use your imagination to make invisible graffiti like they did at Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Boredom Busters-No Special Supplies Required!

4. Kids love having a purpose.  Hand them a ruler or measuring tape to use with Let's Explore's "measure the house" free printable and they'll be happy campers.

5. This one from Make and Takes is great when you're out and about.  Draw some scribbles on a few pieces of paper and ask the kiddos to turn them into a full picture.