Art at home is a great way to pass large chuncks of time and foster creativity

Despite the benefits, though, sometimes it's hard to face the mess that often ensues.  Today we've got the perfect mess-free project, sure to delight kids of all ages.

If you have a little one, you probably already have everything you need – just glue and paint.  If not, head to your local superstore and pick up your supplies on back-to-school discount.  You can also use food coloring if you have it on hand.

Start by emptying your glue bottles about half way (I stored my excess in a left-over baby food jar).  Then add the paint with a tooth pick, skewer, or whatever you can find.  There's no magic formula here.  Just keep in mind that the glue dries clear so the more paint you use, the more vibrant the end result will be.

It's difficult to mix completely by hand so place the bottles upside down for a few minutes and let gravity do the work for you.

Hand the bottles to your little one and let them get to work.

Layering the colors on top, and inside, of each other creates a nice effect.  Start with white paper.  If your child gets bored, keep the activity fresh by switching to a black or darker color sheet.

That's it.  Let your masterpieces dry overnight and see how they change as the glue becomes more transparent.