DIY Mother’s Day Picnic Ideas

altSurveys from the National Restaurant Association have shown that Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. So if you’d like to find an alternative for avoiding crowded restaurants on Mother’s Day, take a look at some of these simple ideas for a DIY Mother’s Day Picnic.

Just in case anyone in your family might be confused, Mother’s Day should be a “day off” from a mom’s usual work routine. So begin your “day off” strategy early by forwarding this article to whichever family member you believe would be the most capable of pulling together some of these easy ideas for a DIY Mother’s Day Family Picnic.
From my own experiences being a mom, I believe your only job on Mother’s Day should be to make sure your pedicure in in good shape, so you’ll be well prepared to kick off your shoes and totally relax on that picnic blanket when the time comes.  So what are you waiting for? Pass along this simple plan of attack for a no fuss and no crowds, DIY Mother’s Day Picnic.

First, Plan out the Picnic Guest List

Decide if your picnic should include your immediate family only, or if you should expand your Mother’s Day celebration to include other family and friends.

Next, Plan a Simple, No Fuss Menu

Once the number of picnic attendees are confirmed, then next you should choose a “themed” menu like Tapas, Deli Cold Cuts, sliced Poor Boy Style Deli Sandwiches or chilled salads. Or if you’re feeling more spontaneous and adventurous, you could just choose to let your guests show up with their own favorite chilled dish and see what different combinations you end up with. Whatever approach you decide upon, just make sure each guest is given a food assignment and make sure they know the approximate total number of guests attending.

Set the Scene and the Blanket

Choose a unique location, like a local park or beach if you think they won’t be too crowded. Or if you have a backyard with a lawn or a poolside location you can access those locations work great too. Part of the appeal of this picnic is that you can throw your picnic blankets down almost anywhere to set the scene for a unique, fun and informal celebration. And Mom’s will appreciate that they won’t need to lift a finger, other than to taste all the delicious picnic foods that have been brought for her.
And there’s no better way to insure that you’ll have all your picnic supplies well organized, than this classic Ventana Natural Picnic basket?

Don’t Overlook the Cocktails & Dessert

While it might not be your first instinct to include Cocktails into the menu while stretched out on a Picnic Blanket for Mother’s Day with your Family. However, why should a picnic be any different than having the adults toasting with a glass of champagne at a Mother’s Day Brunch at a restaurant?  So now that we’ve settled that discussion, why not keep the bar selection simple by choosing these single serving wines or any one of these new boxed wines or single serving wine glasses that are sure to be conversation starters. Plus, they’ll eliminate the need for a wine opener too! However, if you’re having your picnic in a public place, don’t forget to double check the local ordinances to make sure alcohol is allowed wherever you’re having your picnic.
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And don’t forget to bring along some bite sized sweets to wrap up your meal on a sweet note, or assign one of your guests to bring something fun to munch on like these irresistible popcorns.
My favorite flavor is their Chocolate Zebra Corn which I absolutely can’t stop eating once I start! Now all that’s left for you to do is put your feet up and enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration with your loved ones, and without the crowds the rest of the world will be battling at restaurants.   Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s everywhere!

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