Last week marked the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, Glee. I fully admit it, I am a Gleek, although I do draw the line at going to see them live. 

I love the show for the light hearted fun it pokes at being in high school, for the way it highlights the arts and their importance in the schools and for the way it mixes popular songs with musicals opening the door for kids who might otherwise never hear a song from Annie Get Your Gun or West Side Story. So grab your slushy and sing along to this weeks Mommy Must Haves Glee addition. 


North End Dress in Ristorante $89.99 This dress is reminds me of highschool days but is still sophisticated enough to wear to a play date and back to school night. 

Eden Cardigan $89.50 Fall is here which inevitably means chilly evenings. Add a pop of color, and a nod to dad with this yellow menswear style cardigan. 

Glee The Music $11-15 Download or buy the CD's and sing along to all the music with the cast from Glee.

IPig Speakal Ipod Docking Station $83 This little pig is not only cute but packs a whallop of sound charging your Ipod as the Glee cast sings out of 5 speakers.


Nostalgia RSM-650 Retro Vertical Slush Machine $43.05 As any good Gleek knows slushy's are an integral part of highschool. Make your own with this sushy machine, just make sure the kids don't throw them on each other in the living room. 

Set of 12 Tumblers $9.99 Perfect slushy size glasses, again, I would personally lay down the no slushing in the house rule.