I have a confession to make – I never really "got" the colored tights thing for women.  It just wasn't how I thought.  

Little girls wore colored tights.  Colored tights were "adorable", not sexy, not grown up.  

This picture changed all of that for me.  ALL OF IT. 

(And, yes, I am on the hunt right this very minute for a gorgeous mustard skirt.)

I believe in trying something new every season that might be outside of your normal style comfort zone.  Nothing huge like suddenly deciding a Mohawk would give you Mom Street Cred, but something easily bold – and changeable.

Image via The Sartorialist

This season I am embracing the colored tight.  This gorgeous red will be my first purchase.  I love it with that soft almond color and nothing says fall like warm red and brown tones.  Red is easily mixed and matched with blacks and greys and purples (for that extra punch) and isn't that more fun than a pair of jeans?

Image via Kate Spade

But sometimes you need a punch of color to break up the cold weather and drizzly days that come with fall.  Aqua colored tights and a jaunty top knot ought to do the trick.  

How about you?  Do you love colored tights?  Is it something you'd try with me? 

First Image via weardrobe.com