How Your Family Benefits From Home Cooked Meals

The number of families who frequently dine out instead of sharing a home cooked meal is on the rise. This trend is actually worrying me. It looks like we are letting our fast paced lives rob us of the priceless time that we can have when we eat family meals at home. I’m as busy […]


A Dozen Cookbooks Every Busy Parent Needs

Let’s be honest: feeding your family can be one of the hardest parts of parenthood. Even if you love to cook, keeping up with your children’s changing preferences, finding time to prepare healthy meals from scratch, and doing it all within the confines of a busy schedule can be a challenge. However, sometimes you need […]


Fun Kitchen Gift Ideas – For Her

We busy parents always seem to be pressed for time as we cook for our families. Here are a handful of fun gift ideas that will help make time in the kitchen easier and more delightful.  I own everything on this list, (except the travel press mug, which I must remember to tell my husband […]